Right Click Options on a File

This article helps you understand available right click options on a file in files listing view under 'Files' tab.

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  1. New

    1. Revision - To upload new revisions of selected file records.

    2. Create Review - To create review on selected files. This option is only available for projects where 'Enable Comment Review' setting is enabled.

    3. Start a Discussion - To start discussion on selected files.

    4. No Comment - To create 'No Comment' on selected files.

    5. Project Form - To create a new app by associating selected files.

    6. Placeholder - To create a new placeholder on selected files.

    7. Create Model - To create a federated model on selected project by including selected model file.

  2. Flag - To flag selected files as 'High', 'Medium' and 'Low'. It also allows you to clear existing flag on selected files.

  3. Edit

    1. Edit File Locally - To edit file using aSync desktop app.

    2. Attributes - To edit attributes of selected files.

    3. Secondary File - To add / replace secondary file of selected file.

    4. Status - To change status of selected files.

    5. Customise Status - To format selected file status.

  4. View - To view selected file in Asite Viewer.

  5. Download Files - To download selected files.

  6. Visibility - To assign visibility or remove existing visibility (if already defined) on selected file.

  7. Start Workflow - To start workflow on selected file.

  8. Checkout - To checkout selected files.

  9. Undo Checkout - To undo checkout on selected files.

  10. Compare

    1. Files - To compare two selected files side by side.

  11. Share

    1. Distribute - To distribute selected files to your project team members.

    2. Share Asite File Link - To share public or private link of selected files with other users.

  12. More Options

    1. Associations - To download the attachments and view associations of selected file (opens in file viewer as a new browser tab).

    2. Deactivate Files - To deactivate selected files.

    3. Reactivate Files - To reactivate selected files.

  13. History - To view distribution, revision and status history information of selected files (opens in file viewer as a new browser tab).

  14. Copy

    1. File(s) - To copy selected files.

    2. Name - To copy file name with extensions.

    3. Location - To copy project name, folder name and file name with extension.

  15. Start Watching - To start watching selected file.

  16. Watch

    1. Stop Watching - To stop watching selected file.

    2. Edit Settings - To edit watching of selected file.

  17. Link Files - To link selected files to same as well as other projects.

  18. Move Files - To move selected files to other folder within same project.

  19. Delete - To permanently delete selected file records.

  20. Tasks

    1. For Information - To complete batch tasks 'For Information' on all selected files (as applicable) in one click.

    2. For Acknowledgement - To complete batch tasks 'For Acknowledgement' on all selected files (as applicable) in one click.

    3. For Comment Coordination - To complete batch tasks 'For Comment Coordination' on all selected files (as applicable) in one click.

    4. For Comment Incorporation - To complete batch tasks 'For Comment Incorporation' on all selected files (as applicable) in one click.

    5. For Action - To complete batch tasks 'For Action' on all selected files (as applicable) in one click.

  21. Activity Locks - To lock or unlock key activities on selected files.

  22. Save as PDF - To download selected files (in any format supported by Asite Universal Web File Viewer) including markups if any and save it to your local folder in PDF file format.

  23. Print File - To print selected file including comments and/or markups as required.

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