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Files Overview
Files Overview

An overview of the Files section in Asite.

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The files area enables users to upload, share, view and collaborate files in a central location.

Files functionality provides users with a centralized folder structure to store and share files created by them. Rather than emailing huge attachments, users can notify their team of files on Asite, saving the time and effort of each party managing their own filing system.

The files management system automatically manages revisions to files, meaning users are always working on the latest version of a file dramatically reducing the risk of working on out of date information. User's files are instantly accessible to other members of the project. The powerful indexed search facility allows users to instantly locate files at the touch of a button, and the detailed audit trail ensures that users know what is happening to their files.

The Asite File Viewer allows users to view a wide variety of file formats (including all major CAD / CAM formats) without needing the native software to be installed on the computer. Add to this, a collaborative reviewing facility that allows users to overlay mark-ups and create aMessages on documents to collaborate with the project team and make sure everyone is on the right page.

Files area can be used to:

  • Create a centralized hierarchical folder structure to store and share files

  • Search for files using a powerful search facility including indexed content search

  • Asite Upload Manager can be used to share the documents created by user with other members of the project

  • Notify project team members of the files created by user

  • Manage revisions of files and track interactions with the files in an extensive audit trail

  • View files of different file formats within the Asite File Viewer without needing the native software (including all major CAD / CAM formats)

  • Collaboratively review and markup documents

  • Track additional information regarding files such as titles, purpose of issue and status

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